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Home. What does that mean? Since 2015 I live in a huge apartment building. Our living rooms are the same, but every interior looks so different. Truly a reflection of someone's personality. I asked my neighbor: 'Why do you feel at home here? " The story touched me deeply. Families torn apart by war, older people suffering from loneliness, but also migrants who were happier than ever. While I was looking for tickets for my world trip, I thought, why not staying over at locals worldwide? Home is such a universal theme. "Can I come over?" was born.

Two weeks I stayed in the Australian outback on a cattle farmer and flew his helicopter, ended in a castle and lived with the Kuna Indians of Panama for a week.Halfway my journey, I got an email from a friend." If you ever decide to publish these amazing stories let me know, because I would like to read it in a book." From that moment, I knew that my adventures can inspire others. To persuade you to travel different. To travel without fear as a woman alone. To finally go on that world trip you always dreamed of. I published one chapter for free. Check it out!

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