I grew up with five brother and sisters in a little town in the east part of the Netherlands. I learned a lot from the travels I made since I was 13 without my parents. For many years I lived as a digital nomad. I sold most of my stuff and I'm wanted to live without any possessions. 

Being a 30-year old I felt the pressure of the society; having a top career and a nice house, but. I wanted to love people and use stuff and not the other way around. Because the opposite will not work. 

Most of the times, I ended up at the most beautiful destinations, but it didn’t help me in finding happiness. Quite often I felt lonely.

This was one of the reasons I started this project, to be part of a home. More than 60 families, single or couples offered me their home. Seeing all these different houses helped me a lot. But the question remains; did I find my home? You will find all the answers in my book.

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