When I made documentaries about funerals and people with Alzheimer’s, I saw a lot of people who never had the chance to live their lives. That’s what inspired me to finish my own bucket list and spread that happiness that generates.

Right then I felt, more then ever, I should live life while I still can.

I grew up with five brother and sisters in a little town in the east part of the Netherlands. I learned a lot from the travels I made since I was 13 without my parents. When I was a kid, I remember that my father always worked. Now he is getting older and looks back to his life, he regrets that he didn't travel more and spend more time with us. I'm gettting to my thirties I feel the pressure of the society; having a top career and a nice house. It feels like I'm failing and that's ridiculous. I want to love people and use stuff and not the other way around. Because the opposite will not work.

I sold most of my stuff and I'm going to l for life without any possessions, travel the world and write a book about my journey. 

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