And, are you able to settle down? Lately, I get this question non stop. Since one month I’m back and -yes- it’s not that hard to settle again. Within one day I moved over to my apartment in Breda and being surrounded with my furniture I felt at home right away.

But I’m also wondering; this feeling of home, is it connected to one place?

I feel at home in the Netherlands, because I speak the language. And of course my friends and family are here. But I also felt at home in Australia and New Zealand, just because I connected so easily with the locals. The cultural differences weren’t that big.

Lonely after a world trip

But since I’m back in the Netherlands, I do miss one thing; being surrounded by people from all over the world. Talking in a different language and learning with life stories. Once I settled down, I also felt lonely. For the last two years, I stayed over in people’s houses and so to me it’s hard to be alone again.

A new project: “Will you come over?”

So I made a decision; why not invite the world to my place? Instead of “Can I come over?” it’s gonna be “WIll you come over?” Since I don’t wanna travel myself for a while, I’ll host travelers on my couch.

My first guest already stayed over last week. Lauren from Perth. We know each other from a tour which I had to film in the Kimberley’s. Lauren was about to make a roadtrip in Europe so we came up with the idea to stay in my hometown for a whole week.

What Lauren noticed about The Netherlands;

  • Most of our supermarkets are filled with pre-cut packages. I guess we have a lot of lazy single people.
  • Our carrots in jars look disgusting.
  • The houses are made out of such small bricks. “Takes ages she said!”
  • We have orange sunscreens attached to our windows. Such an ugly color.
Can I come over?

More funny observations:

  • The ducks are enormous.
  • Dutch people like to meet Australian and don’t mind speaking in English.

Lauren’s visit was a highlight of my week. Next month my next guest will arrive; my last host from Bangkok. I can’t wait to write down her observation list of our Dutch weird habits. Don’t wanna miss an update? Subscribe here!