Uganda, Brazil or New York? I don’t know where to go. So, I need your help! 16 December is my flight to Cameroon for three weeks. But where should I go the rest of my five months? I’m traveling to countries where English is the first language. My idea is to make a roadtrip at the west coast of the States. So from Miami to Canada. But I’m open to any other tips and ideas. I’m just following the best stories.

Do you know anyone with a great story about home?

If yes, please let me know and perhaps I can stay over. I want to meet people who decided to live differently. I want to make a vlog about somebody who is living in a tiny house, someone homeless or living in a villa.

Looking back at my travels

The last three months were amazing. I slept in a castle, got drunk with a group bikers and a millionaire picked me up during hitchhiking. Looking back at all my footage reminded me of all the great people I met. I traveled like a maniac to Scotland, Panama and Florida. It felt like I was traveling for a whole year. So in this compilation is a small overview of all my memories. I hope you enjoy!