It’s been a while since I wrote my last update, sorry about that! I got caught up working for tour operators a lot! I made an amazing trip to the West Coast of Australia. I travelled with many backpackers and saw the best parks in Australia. A swag became my home for some weeks.

Anyway, after the trip, I stayed over at Pranav his home. You can find his picture here. Pranav is living in Darwin for some years now but is originally from India. Is home always the town where you grew up or will the connection get lost as soon as you emigrate?

For a while, I felt a bit lost after my stay over in Darwin. I didn’t have any new jobs to do and I didn’t find any locals to stay over. This was a new feeling for me, being so restless.

Meeting an old friend

After a couple of nights, I took a flight to Brisbane because I didn’t like the weather in Darwin and the tickets to Brisbane were most cheap. While updating my plans on social media, I got a text. “Are you coming to the East Coast again? I’m here as well”, Sandy wrote to me. I met this awesome girl when I stayed over in Cairns and we connected from the start. “Would you like to join my housesitting in Brunswick heads?” This cottage really made me feel at home. It’s was cute and cozy and we both felt a good connecting to nature with an outside shower.

Finally, I had a plan. I felt so good to arrive at a new place and there is someone waiting for you. So check out my latest vlog.


Working at North Stradbroke Island

Currently, I’m working at a lovely laidback island called North Stradbroke aka Straddie. Australians shorten every word and add -ie to it. So I traveled from Brunsie, to Brissie and ended up in Straddie. I love their language 🙂

Some fun facts:

• This Island is only 30 kilometres southeast of Brisbane and it is the second largest sand island in the world!

• The island is about 38 kilometres long and 11 kilometres wide.

• 1600 people are living on the island. Next year their only mine will close up, so probably the number of inhabitants will decrease.

• For some entertainment tourists and locals go bowling and drink at the pub. The only ‘nightlife’ on the island, so you will never lose your friends, which is super practical.

• Everyone knows each other, so don’t do anything stupid. Gossip goes fast.

I got a job offer to work on a bowling club and help with their marketing. During my first week, I already met some interesting characters. This Island I’m not sure how long I’m gonna stay here, but I will write some updates later!