Ok guys, I have some news about my travel plans! In just two weeks I’m taking off to Cameroon. Akum is a small city in the North part, which Google Maps can’t even find. I think I’m allowed to say; it’s really in the middle of nowhere! Two years ago I photographed the wedding of Eric and Elske in Tilburg. It rained like hell that day. So luckily they are marrying again under a warm bright sun. Eric grew up in Cameroon and met Elske in the Netherlands. Because this couple wants to marry in front of his family and his youth memories, there will be a second marriage. It took me a half of a second to answer the question if I wanted to join them to film the whole week. Yes, that is how long the marriage will take!

“Can I come over” in 2018

Last week I also got a job offer from 2 Glimpse. A platform for people who are interested in cultural exchanges. After coming back from Cameroon I will take a flight to London. I’m so excited because I only traveled once to this amazing city when I was 11 years old. So I don’t remember a lot. After finishing that job I will search for some extra cool stories about home!

The first week of March I will be in the Netherlands for a big photography job. After photoshopping all the pictures I will take the first flight to New York or Miami (depending on the weather). I can’t even believe I’m already talking about the end of my project, but Canada is the last stop. After talking to my grandparents I discovered that I have a lot of family living on the east coast.

So, this is the schedule:

December – January


New York
March – April

June – July