Howdy! Here’s a new update about my book. The last few weeks were hectic but amazing! Two TV channels invited me over in their studio’s, my story ended up in a couple of newspapers and even got interviewed by Grazia Magazine. I trained my public speaking skills at more than five stages. But most importantly I hope you got inspired by my weekly vlogs and new guests crashing at my couch. Instead of hitting the road I invited internationals to my home. By this way, I can still learn from other cultures. Check out my “Will you come over?” vlogs.

So what’s next?

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, me and my team started the production of my book. The next few weeks are all about designing the book, talking to bookstores and a lot of preparations for the book launch. This hardcover printed book will be published in Dutch, but later on, I will make sure there is an Englisch digital version as well. You can download the Ebook through this website or at Amazon (from 18th September).

During my crowdfunding every interview finished with the question: “so when do you take off again?” But I found myself feeling happy and less restless being back in Breda and my hometown surrounded by friends and family. Of course, the summer helps a lot, so I’m afraid I do want to take off again when the cold grey days of our winter starts.

Working on my dating life

But I think a feeling of home is giving by others. Before I went on my world trip I felt lonely quite often. My career was everything and I didn’t make enough time for friends and family. If someone asked me “what is home?” is always thought about my warm childhood, playing outside with my brothers and sisters. Instead of having this memory I want to create this feeling.

If you travel non stop, it’s hard to start a relationship. My desire to travel will never stop, but at this stage of my life, I want to work on my dating life and to create more social appointment in my agenda. So, the book is coming! Thanks for supporting me. Without you guys, I would even come up with the idea to write a book. Getting response on my articles always drives me further to search for the best stories and project. All the best!