I heard that Scottish people are super friendly. Well I can confirm that after arriving 30 min in Edinburgh. I was looking for the bus and immediately a woman came to me and helped me out. She took the same bus. Stepping into the bus the driver told me with a grumpy face that I can only pay by coins (how old school is that!) Anyhow, the woman paid for me and we had a nice talk.

First host in Edinburgh

My first host is Andres from Ecuador, living in Edinburgh. We met last year during carnival in Breda. He was dressed as a funny Indian. Two new beers later he invited me to Scotland where he is studying at the moment.

What to do in Edinburgh?

We walked like pilgrims in Edinburgh. If you ever traveling to this old city, don’t forget to see the water of Leith, watch the sunset from the Calton Hill. Also you’re not allowed to leave Edinburgh visit climbing Arthur’s seat.

I was not allowed to leave Edinburgh without visiting the “Edinburgh museum” in the Royal street. This street is divided by the old and new part city. But keep in mind that the museum is closed on Monday’s and Tuesday’s. So don’t make the same mistake as I did and standing for a closed door…twice..

ps good to know that all the musea are free of charge.

Feeling of home from Andres

Andres told me that his home is Scotland and Ecuador at the same time. He is looking forward going back during Christmas after two years. He just moved into this apartment with Andreas from Germany. They sound like a couple married “Andres and Andreas”. Their window even has pink curtains. Andres is an open minded, relaxed and intelligent guy. Thanks for this great time! I don’t have a plan yet after this first week, so I hope to meet a new fun Indian dressed guy or girl!!

So, can I come over?