Was it always your dream to publish a book?" Frans is asking me on stage. Last week my own book launch was a big success! "No, by no means Frans," I answered  the chairman. "As you know I'm a photographer / filmmaker, always thinking in images, but still the writing went very well as you can see. And sometimes you just have to try something new!"

Exactly one year ago I came up with the idea to publish a book about my world trip. It all started when I got asked to write a column in the local newspaper. In this blog, I will tell you more about how I wrote the book, with all the ups and downs I came across.

When I stayed over at Matt's house in the Goldcoast (one of the coolest hosts ever) he said: “If you ever write a book about all these stories, I would love to buy it”. So I thought: if this guy, who lives on the other side of the world wants to buy my book, there must be more people interested in my stories. So the next day I started writing. Energized by my new project. My host lived right at the beach, a perfect spot to rattle on my keyboard for hours. I was ready.

After fifteen minutes I stopped. I wanted to write about how I felt one year ago when I took my first flight. It was not easy, because I didn't remember exactly my feelings back then. But I didn't give up and just continued writing. Ten days long.

After a hundred pages, I got a little insecure, so I asked for help and posted a request online: who can help me realize my book? I felt so lucky that two of my followers offered to support the design and text editing. Because to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing.

Not many weeks later, I had to deal with the next struggle. Will I publish the book myself or shall I work with a publisher? I just closed my eyes for a second and I asked myself: what does feels most natural? Directly I knew the answer; my computer is filled with amazing footage and I'm not bad in online marketing. I can do this myself!

My advice to first time writers; if you have time, and you can get help from others, plus you know how to do marketing, think about crowdfunding. This is a great way to get a lot of media attention before you even publish your book. I raised 5500,- euro's in 40 days. Check this blog for tips! Which just covered all my costs, but gave me a huge network and even new jobs! Only be aware of how much effort you have to put into it. You nearly have time to do anything else.

So long story short. The book is now ready to sell (check below) ps. these are all Dutch versions!