Oke, I admit, but I’m a little embarrassed. I think I have a midlife crisis. I can’t complain about my life as a photographer and filmmaker. As a freelancer, I can do whatever I want. But still, I’m having doubts about I want in life. Where do I wanna live in the future? My childhood and teenage life in the east of the Netherlands were great, but I never saw myself living out there. Is home to me the town where I studied? Not necessarily. What makes me happy?

At this moment I want to travel all the time and I cannot say I miss ‘home’.

During my travels, I talked a lot about this subject with my hosts. Most of them are emigrants. So the definition of home is already different for them. Sometimes people are asking me if I’m on the run. On the run for an adult life with a house, children and a dog? Or am I not scared to go on an adventure and is fear not a factor when I’m making decisions?

Am I a running away from an adult life?

When I google ‘travel and escapism”, you will find 14.000 results. Sometimes I ask myself: “Why do you wanna travel?” A lot of people book a holiday to get out of the daily routine and sometimes to think about relationships, work or just challenge themselves in an adventure. But when I’m not happy here, will I be happy on a small Island?

And still, all the traveling made me a different person. I survived the slums in India as a woman alone. I drove in the Sahara, so I’m not scared of the highway in France anymore. After nine years of traveling, I have different ideas about the Dutch culture. The generation of my parents worked almost all their lives and wants to travel after their retirement. I want to expand my horizons now when I don’t have a relationship and still in a good health.

Starting a new career in Australia

So, I made a decision. At 29 August 2018 I will celebrate my 30th birthday. But not in the Netherlands. This spring I’m leaving to Kuala Lumpur, Australia and New Zealand to work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. It’s scary not knowing if I will find work, but I’m not gonna make decisions based on fear. Do you know any companies who can need my help? Please let me know and send me an email! 

ps. of course I stay over with locals as much as possible. So, can you help me with contacts of locals living in the east coast of Aussie?