Hi, or Kia Ora like locals say in New Zealand. On the 16th of January, I left Australia after traveling for ten months in this amazing country. I was ready for a new adventure and I wanted to find new stories for my book.

During my first week in Auckland, I stayed over at three families. Iris from the Netherlands, who emigrated to New Zealand to follow the love of her life. Her story even ended up in a vlog from a newspaper of the Netherlands. We got so much cool response from people back home. It always gives me the motivation to keep digging for stories.

Three cool hosts in Auckland!

My second hosts, Erik and Enthea made me feel at home right away! And the location couldn’t be better; you can almost see Mission Bay from their backyard. I found this place through a mutual friend who is crashing in their home for some weeks now.

My stay over in the country side

And the last two days I stayed over in the incredible house of Peter who is one of the characters in my documentary. You can find more info about this documentary here. Peter and his wife Karin live a bit outside Auckland. I will never forget the view from the kitchen. It felt like a painting of the Scottish highlands.


Publishing my book

And I have some amazing news. My book is going to be published in September! At this moment my editor is working hard to make my stories even better! I will start with crowdfunding in June to raise enough money to cover the costs. I’m also looking for some help. Do you know any platforms in the Netherlands where I can talk about my travels? Please send me an email! And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!