The last few days I was staying over at Jacco his apartment in Glasgow (Partick). He moved from the Netherlands to work here as a plumber. Jacco is a special intelligent guy with a ridiculous amount of hobbies. He made a cupboard bed for guests and sometimes he sleeps there himself. “It’s so dark in here…I sleep like a baby”. When we talked about his feelings of home, Jacco told me that he is an old fashioned guy. He likes to send letters on special writing paper.

What to do in Glasgow?

I didn’t really like the architecture of Glasgow, but the city has more culture. But you can find music stores and live music in pubs all the time. People’s Palace is woth to visit. In this museum, you can learn about the history of Glasgow. This collection of historical artefacts, photographs gives an unrivaled insight into how Glaswegians lived, worked and played from the 18th to the 20th Century.

Hiking at the Lohmond mountain

Jacco took me to the Lohmond mountain. I was totally not prepared for this, having no clue Lohmond is 974 meters high. Oh, btw Scottish people call mountains ‘ben’, so Ben Lohmond took me down at 800 meters. But the view was still spectacular. You can find some amazing drone footage in the vlog.

Jacco dropped me off in Doune for my next host. I was supposed to meet Eamon in drumnadrochit, but he texted me that I can also visit one of his friends, halfway during the 3 hour drive. So my third host is Heidi and here two kids.