I always got a lot of questions about how I end up at awesome places and meeting those interesting people. I’m a big ambassador of meeting locals when your traveling. Often locals know the best spots and can tell you more about a small village. When I ended up in Alpha for example, (a tiny town in Queensland – Australia) I got invited to the horse races for the first time in my life and it was awesome.

Five tips how to connect with Locals

  1. Repetition

    If you are staying in one place for a few days, find a great cafe or restaurant and keep going back. When I stayed over in Townsville in, I always worked on my blog at the restaurant under my apartment. In just one day I met five awesome locals who took me around in the area for a trip.

  2. Use your network

    When I’m traveling I always ask friends or my followers on social media if they know any locals in the country which I’m going to visit. What I noticed is that you have to request for a stay over a couple of weeks before arrival, so that you and your host have time to schedule your agenda’s.

  3. Couchsurfing

    The easiest way to find hosts is on Couchsurfing. This platform offers a network of places to stay but it also offers a network of people, locals and travelers, connecting over a love of travel. You can also post a public trip, so people can invite you over if they like your profile. I ended up in the city center of Bangkok with Earn who wanted to try out Couchsurfing for the first time and felt more comfortable with hosting a girl.

  4. Meetups

    Couchsurfing also organizes meetups in every big city. Not only travelers end up here, sometimes also hosts attend these events. A great way to find a stay over as well.

  5. Rideshare

    Especially in Australia, I used rideshares facebook groups a lot. You can find travel plans from others and ask for lifts. It’s cheaper for the both of you and I even ended up with Ben for three days after he gave me a ride and told his life story. Check his picture here.