I don’t have the money. This is something I hear from everyone I talk to. In this blog I will explain how you can also travel as well.

Let me clear this out first. I don’t have a pre-defined route. When I’m traveling I kind of having an idea where I wanna go, but it also depends on the airline tickets. For example; when I traveled to Panama a lot of people asked me why I didn’t travel to South America. Well, a lot of flight costs more than 500 dollars. For that money, I could stay quite a long time somewhere else.

What I discovered was that last minute tickets aren’t that expensive anymore. Sometimes I really wanted to leave a country earlier, it costs me a lot of money to reschedule the flight. So from now on I only book my tickets (small distance only) around two weeks before departure. I use kiwi as a search machine because you to select ‘anywhere’ as a destination. By this way, you can find cheap routes.

ps. also check Tui Fly Belgium. My flight to Miami only cost me €150,-. Oh and I hitchhiked a lot…It was great!

A guideline for hitchhiking

• Take the most used route
The fastest and easiest routes are usually ones between two major cities, passing a lot of countryside on the way. So traveling between two cities is easy, but going to rural areas can take more time.

• Be in a good, safe spot
It’s important that the drivers have time enough to stop. So raise your thumb about 10 meters before the spot. I got picked up by a millionaire one time. Check out that vlog!

• Asking for rides at gas stations
It takes ten seconds before people trust you. So the first impression makes a big difference. Asking for rides on gas stations can give you more luck, then holding up your thumb on the highway.

• Make a sign
One time I didn’t have a sign and I only found people going to the wrong direction. Don’t forget to pack a marker in your backpack!

•Is it safe for a woman alone?
Trust on your gut feeling. Say no, if you don’t feel safe! I never happened to me, but minimizing risk is not being a coward. The first time I took my sister with me to learn more about hitchhiking. That can be smart.

Living at home is more expensive than traveling

In three months I spent less than €2000,- If I would pay rent and all the extra costs of living in an apartment I probably would be spending more. When you would be traveling in Asia, you can even survive on less money. My hosts offered me often to join on dinner’s and I always try to give something back. Not in money, but in a great time or a nice memory. Sometimes my host asked me to do a family photoshoot. At this moment I only have to take care of myself and I rather spend my money on travels than clothes or a tv. Like budda said: There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way!