My last week was quite hectic. I hitchhiked from Doune to Drumnadrochit to meet Eamon and his family. Eamon is a friend from Heidi, my third host. I hitchhiked before, but you have to get in the rhythm again. Trying to stay optimistic all the time even after standing in the rain for 25 minutes. An old wish truck driver took me on the first kilometers. That was awesome! And with four other lifts and a bus drive, I arrived in the middle of nowhere. Drumnadrochit is a tiny village close to Loch Ness. Loch means lake in English. So don’t say Loch Ness Lake.

Walking to Eamon’s house I realized this vlog would be special. Eamon warned me that it would be quite chaotic in his house. Five other couchsurfers were sleeping in the living room. Entering his house I felt immediately welcome. The house is a mess, but he explained in the vlog why he and his family chose for this way of living.

Verina, Eamon’s wife is from Germany and will never go back to her country. She told me an interesting story: In life, there are people who are “Somewheres, Nowheres, and Everywheres’. She consider herself to none of them. She doesn’t feel at home totally in Scotland, but cannot connect anymore to Germany.

This is a home for everyone. More than 400 couchsurfers stayed in this house over the last two years. Eamon and Verina started taking guests for their children. Living in a small village has some downsides. They don’t meet a lot of people and we teach them that there is another world out there. We cannot travel a lot because it’s too expensive. So we bring the world into the house. To some couchsurfers they really got attached to. During Christmas, there was a guy sleeping over called “Jesús”. I’m not kidding…And one couchsurfer called Eamon “Hagrid” from the Harry Potter movies. I can see why.


Eamon took us to a great waterfall. Me and the other couchsurfers.

Staying in this house was an interesting experience. I felt a bit guilty because their youngest son Uisdean couldn’t sleep in his bedroom anymore. So sorry for that! Eamon wanted me to sleep there. I think you should really watch the vlog to get an idea of my stay over. Like the drone footage? This is the drone I used.