I was not allowed to leave Scotland without seeing the Island ‘Isle of Skye’, considering some of my friends. Last Friday I decided to go for a visit. All hostels were full. My crown brooked that morning, so I needed to see a dentist. I had no place to sleep and I felt sick. I hitchhiked in the rain. The universe was picking on me. Holding up my cardboard with Kyleakin (first town on the Island) written down, suddenly a car stopped. And there was Shannon and saving me from all the shit was going on.


I just needed a short lift of 15 minutes and we started to talk and talk. Shannon told me his incredible story how he earned a lot of money by trading on the stock market. He was really honest about the mistakes he made in life and how he changed the last few months. I think because we’re both getting in our thirties and our friends are all settling, we talked a lot about life goals.


Three days later we said goodbye. We cooked together, drank whiskey with bikers and got a housecat in the hostel. So my first tip…be flexible when you travel. The bikers also invited me to Harris. An Island more in the north part. I had to make a decision that night and I couldn’t sleep at all. But since it was quite hard to travel all that way back, I decided to stick to my plan and visit Richard Pierce in South Cuan. This is not an Asian city, but an Island with only 150 inhabitants. His vlog his coming up!