He guys, it’s been a longgg time since I wrote my last blog. A lot of things happened these last few months. If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen that I became a vlogger for a regional TV station.

How to produce a tv program?

During my world trip, I asked my hosts only one question: “what is home?” I stayed over at more than 100 hosts in twelve different countries. And because home it’s such a universal topic and people answered me so many different answers, I decided to capture all the stories in a book called “Can I come over?”  I’m back in the Netherlands and I haven’t stop asking this question. When the program director of the tv station called me and said: “would you like to vlog about home for our Instagram TV channel?” I couldn’t be more excited!

A million views

First I had to find some interesting stories like I did when traveling. Instead of having the world as my territory, I had to find stories in my region which it’s not so big. One of the first stories I found, was about a young guy living in a park. As a homeless man in his 20’ies, people didn’t pay attention to him. After 12 hours of having the vlog online, it’s been viewed more than 1.000.000 times.

That was insane! From all over the country, we got requests for how we could help him.

How to give him food and supplies. It made me so happy, I could make an influence on someone’s life by shooting a video.

In the end, I made 36 episodes of five minutes. An editor made a tv show out of my vlogs and there it was: my own tv program! I never thought this would happen when I packed my bags and flew without a plan to my first destination; Scotland.

What am I doing now?

In the upcoming months, I’m making a documentary about the weirdest profession in the Netherlands and I’m super excited to share those videos. One of the most spectacular jobs I found so far, is a rollercoaster designer. Who designs of our famous theme park called “The Efteling.”

What I wanna say, is that you shouldn’t be scared to follow your instinct. You always find a way to find an excuse not to go traveling. It sounds so easy and cliché when I’m typing this blog, but I hope I can inspire you with my stories and the amazing people I met during my journey.

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