It took two months to translate my book, but I'm so proud to say that my English E-book is ready for download! So why not read some of my best adventures during the Christmas Holiday? Get inspired to travel different, more real. I didn't want to get suck into the tourist traps and by staying over with locals was a great way to experience a culture closer to it's heart.

My book "Can I come over?" got a lot of media attention the last few months. I even told my story on national television. It's been an awesome journey and I can also announce I got a new job out of it. Instead of staying over with locals worldwide, I got my own vlogging channel at a Dutch TV station to find the most interesting stories in my own region in The Netherlands. I will update about the vlogging later!

Anyway, want to read a book how it is to travel the world by staying over at locals? Need some tips how to start and how to travel safely as a woman?

You can read here one chapter for free! Like it? Download than the E-book for only € 9,99,-