Christmas holidays. For most people time of the year to be at home. Christmas doesn’t mean that much to me. I think it had been getting too commercialized the last years and I can’t stand all the Christmas GIF video’s in my mailbox. A year ago I ended up in the hospital in Kameroen and was eating spaghetti in a hotel.

This year I traveled 400 kilometers in Tasmania and ate a hamburger with potatoes for dinner without any wine. So, not really spectacular huh?

My parents traveled all the way from the Netherlands to go camping with me for three weeks. A motorhome got transformed to our home. I have my own ‘bedroom’ and don’t have to change beds every night. Pretty nice for a change.  

A new adventure in New Zealand

After ten months Down Under, I’m leaving Australie and I have to admit that I’m ready for a new adventure. I feel like my energy is slipping out of me because I’ve seen most of Australia and don’t feel the need to see more. I’m still looking for interesting locals to experience a real kiwi stay over. Do you know anyone? Please send me an email!

I’m I going back home?

I’m going to book my ticket. Yes, back to home in the Netherlands. But do I still call that home? Next week I’m flying out to New Zealand for three months. I started my world trip to figure out where home is. And yet, I still don’t have an answer.

I think I even got more confused because I know now that home is not the place that I used to call home. 

After traveling for fifteen months I didn’t get homesick and felt really good in Australia, for most of the time. And in my dreams I see myself living in New Zealand. And that’s a bit weird because I never been there (yet). 

On my mum’s birthday, I have to leave New Zealand. Of course, I can’t wait to catch up with friends and family, but I know I’m gonna feel lost again. Not knowing what I want or where to go. I think I will just follow my gut feeling. But will I ever find an answer or is everyone always looking for meaning or a place in their lives? 

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