When I was at Curacao I posted this on FB: Does anyone know anyone on Aruba and has time to meet me tomorrow? You can say it was a bit last minute. So I didn’t have any expectations that I would find a story or anyone who wants to meet up. And I only had internet for the next hour after posting that request.

Facebook request

I still don’t know how Hesther got tagged in my post, but she was super enthusiastic and she liked my project. So in 10 minutes, we made a plan to meet the next day at nine at the harbor. We had only five hours of time left before I had to be back on the cruise. Hesther showed me Aruba in top speed. Taxi drivers could learn from her.

First, we drove to her house. In the car, she told me her impressive story how she decided to emigrate to Aruba in just one day! And as she considers herself as a local after 24 years and she showed me the best spots.

Life decision

Hesther and her kids really inspired me. Her kids were not shy at all and curious about me and the world around them. Esther learned me how to make choices for your own life and even when you only have 500 bucks and no plan. You can survive and start a living in another country and even find your (Aruba) family as she calls it herself. There are people in the world who can take care of you if there are your own.