My ticket is booked. Yes I’m coming home. After two years traveling I feel a bit homesick. I never thought I would say that, but can’t deny it anymore. At this moment I’m counting the weeks:  still four weeks left. I had a great time in New Zealand, but changing houses all the time is intense.

Luckily I found a great host were I can stay for my last weeks. In the countryside of Auckland. Check out Pete and Karen’s picture. My morning alarm are cheeps who eat grass right under my window. Not a bad way to wake up though.

Two weeks in South Island

Together with a friend I traveled two weeks in the south island of New Zealand. We made some amazing hikes, went bungeejumping in Queenstown and crossed the Tongariro Crossing.

Destroyed homes in Christchurch

I stayed over at six hosts who all had interesting stories. One of the most impressive stories was from Beppie in Christchurch; her house got destroyed by the earth quake seven years ago. Even nowadays Beppie still has construction work going on in her house. The quake left a scar in the city centre. Churches are not renovated yet, but the city is developing again. Check out “Beppies’ picture.

A documentary about Iron Man

Meanwhile I’m working on the documentary I shot for Iron Man. That friend who traveled with me, particapted for the first time. And he did great; a full traithlon in less than 13 hours! This documentary follows three first times in their journey. Our sponsor Kellogs enjoyed the documentary so much, that we are trying to get the film on the national television. More updates about this documentary are coming up.

Book will be published in September

And last but not least. Check out the vlog I made with some cool shots of this beautiful country! I hope you enjoyed my stories. Probably this will be the last update abroad. When I’m back my schedule is full with appointments to visit editors, designers and printing companies. In June I will start my crowdfunding to raise money to publish my book in September! Don’t wanna miss any update? Subscribe for some cool stories.