It’s almost done. My time in Australia is over. I was explaining the other day to a friend how I traveled from big cities to little towns and it doesn’t make sense at all. I crisscrossed the country like a maniac. Perhaps you know that I’ve been working for tour operators a lot so most of the times, they decide the destination. So I thought, I should make a travel map in my video. Pretty funny huh.

Anyway, I want to thank all my hosts in Australia. My best memories of my time down under is because of you guys.

Mariama | who introduced me to Melbourne when I just arrived. Remember you stoled lemons from that three? 🙂
Home of Ines | what a beautiful hike we made Elwood. I enjoyed seeing how you integrated Down Under.
Faith | thanks for the interesting conversations and sharing your experience of your time in the Netherlands. And all the tips your still sending me!

Lieke and Rob | loved talking to Lieke how she left the Netherlands and find the love of her life in Adelaide. Thanks for showing me Rob’s bar. Tip go to;
Luke | thanks for introducing me to a real Australian home and taking me out with your friends 🙂

Jan Willem and Laura | my longest stay over in one house. Remember our yoga poses we practiced in our lovely hut during our trip in the blue mountains.  

Lauren | friends for life! See you in the Netherlands
Sam and Juulz | the coolest housemates ever. 

Pranav | you taught me so much about India. And I eat the best naan’s with you.

Camilo and Noah | never will forget how we played football with Lewis, the pigs after going clubbing on Noah his birthday
Louise | After meeting Louise I know for sure I’m going to Latin America one day. That latino clubbing night opened my eyes that I want to learn salsa dancing.

Sandy – My digital nomad colleague. Loved working together and making vlogs for our channels. Couldn’t stop laughing how we spontaneous started doing silly dance moves after our boxing workout.
Ivy and Isaac -The best musicians ever. I always wanted to learn how to play the drums. Gosh, it’s not easy huh…

The outback
Fred and anna – The real Australian experience in the outback! Fred, that ride in the helicopter was the best experience during my time Down Under. It was so interesting to see how Fred and his family run a cattle farm.

Ben – Probably Ben will never forget my face when he took me out gold mining and we actually found gold. One of the best stories for my book!

Matt and Sebastian – Everyone told me the Goldcoast is not worth visiting but your house right at the esplanade was awesome. I always think about our squat lunge race we did with everyone on the beach That was hilarious! When I’m back in the Netherlands I’m going to continue with learn how to slack line.