How are you doing? Are you able to settle down? Or did you already packed your suitcase? Friends and family are asking me this question all the time, but I’m already back in the Netherlands for a while. But I decided one thing; being away from home for so long is not making me happy in the long term. I miss having a routine and it’s hard to move on all the time. During my worldtrip, I met interesting people who became friends and then I had to say goodbye after some weeks.

Will you come over?

Knowing that I find my home in the Netherlands is giving me a lot of rest, only there is something which I really miss; meeting new people who inspire me. That’s why I still invited travelers to my place and write a column under the name: “Will you come over?” Last weekend Gavin from Adelaide was my guest.


We met in Amsterdam because he heard many crazy stories about our capital city.

Like a real tourist, we took a canal cruise and learned more about the history from the waterside. Walking through the many small streets, Gavin suddenly steps into a shop who sell antique clocks. This is why I like to hang out with travelers, otherwise I would never end up here. For the first time in my life, I saw Amsterdam through the eyes of a foreigner.

Shocked by the Red Light District

When we walked through the Red Light District, Gavin felt really uncomfortable. Not even by the woman behind the windows, but because of the number of drunk guys walking around. And even I have to admit I felt pretty intimidated. Later that night we hanged out in bars and clubs and we talked to Germans, Frenchies and Schottisch travelers and it made me so happy.

It felt I was traveling again. After two days Gavin had to move on, but I hope to show him a different side of Holland one day. My roots in the countryside, a place I still call my home.

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