After spending lots of days on sea and seeing nothing else than water, it was such a weird experience to feel land under my feet. The horizon was still moving for a while. Before getting on board I posted a request on FB: “does anyone know anyone on Curaçao with a cool story about his home?” Henk was tagged in my post. He build a house out of seven sea containers. We met nine o’clock at the harbor. First, he brought me to his house and at the first sight, I was not really impressed. He and his wife and kids just moved in three weeks ago, so the house was still a mess. We had to walk over some planks to enter the house.

You should look my face in the vlog how I was impressed. This was so cool. When Henk pushed a button a garage door opens and we entered the garden. Every piece of the house has an industrial look and it all matches. After hearing his story, Henk told me that he even got a job offered as a constructor. Lots of people got inspired by his vision a house should look like.