Next stop

One of my last stops was Cabo Verde. I was sailing on a ship for two weeks, joining the crew like a real sailor. My final destination was Sal, one of the Cape Verdean Islands. Here I met Mitu, world champion golf kiting. After Cabo Verde I went directly to Austria. From +27 degrees to -10 C. After I hurt my ass a lot during snowboarding in Austria I had to recover for a while. In March I got back from an amazing trip in Lapland. Check my travelvlog here.

Past Trips 2017

• Cabo Verde
• Austria (2x)
• Lapland
• Norway


• Scotland – Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen – (4 sept – 22 sept)
• Gran Canaria (22 sept – 25 sept)
• on board with the Nomad Cruise – Gran Canaria to Panama (25 sept – 8 oct)

October – November
• Panama
• Florida

• Cameroen



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