If you want to invite me

So I want to invite you, Marleen? How does that work?

Just send me an email and we will see if I will be nearby your country in the next couple of weeks / months. Together we will pick a date, which fits us both. Normally I stay just a couple of nights, let’s say four. Be aware that I’m taking pictures of your house and that you will be in the vlog. But no worries, you will do great!

Why are you doing this?

I like to make stories about people while I’m travelling. I met awesome people when I was couchsurfing on holidays. I think we can learn a lot by looking better at other cultures and see what we have in common. Read the whole story ‘about me’ here.

I don’t think my house is interesting.
That’s crazy. I can find great stories everywhere. And perhaps you know a rockstar in a house full of guitars or a couple who lives in a tree house.

I know somebody who has an interesting story, can I refer to you?

Yes, please. I’m collecting contacts from all over the world.


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